Poll For The Bitches

And yes, that means you.

Which top deserves heaven and which deserves hell?

Decide carefully, ladies. Very carefully.

All tops from AsiaJam.

Dresses That Deserve Heaven

As a sucker of little black dresses and bright sundresses, I hereby declare my love at first sight to Lulus Fashion Lounge. Trust me ladies, they have the cutest little dresses (be it black or brightly under the sun) on the web so far. I mean, come on! Seriously, take a look at this beauty.

The gorgeous Lucca Fiona Dress is retailed at a mere $37. And... and I can't stop drooling at their Y Apparel Paris Shopping Girl Dress which is waiting to be grabbed for only $45. Oh man... I can just see myself trotting down the beaches of Bali wearing this with my honey!

Now I know where to look for pretty little dresses. Ain't that a relief?


The Logo Effect

Okay. I obviously LOVE designer bags like any red-blooded girls anywhere in this crazy world. But I do have something I despise about designers who design bags. It's the fact of how proud they are of what they design, shown by attaching way too big or too much logos for the world to see. It's given that Louis Vuitton has been leading the way with their monogram leather -which are nowadays copied shamelessly by other top notch designers- and I've made my peace with that, especially when they finally hire Takashi Murakami to do something to jazz up the boring brown pattern with cherries and small little hotel doormen.

What bugs me is how OTHER leading brands paste their logo notoriously on their fine products. I know that not all brands are as recognisable as Burberry for instance. However, stamping a larger-than-thou logo is -to me- is a tacky act. Fendi did nice on some of its baguettes and spy bags (I don't really know how people see spy bags as 'gorgeous' -but let's talk about that on other post). But they did a blah job on this supposedly nice Selleria. If it's done to 'get attention', well I'd say they pulled it off with this nice little orange wallet. It's flashy, it's fabulous and more importantly, people actually get that it's a Fendi.

Another brand that really went beyond my expectation in showing off its initials is Yves Saint Laurent. Its simple tote bag got ruined with a huge YSL logo. Yeah it's made with beads, and yeah it costs a gazillion more than what tote bags should cost, but it does NOT look like it costs a fortune. I'm still eyeing YSL's white Muse bag like the one owned by Sienna Miller, but never in this freaky world would I be caught dead sporting the hideous tote. Nope.

Prada. Lately I noticed some drawbacks in the designs. I still remember the canvas craze a few years back... and yes I got into it too. But lately the smallish triangular logo have been replaced with a large emboss of 'Prada Milano' logo. And what's more amazing, people actually LIKE it. Wow. I just don't get it. It's like saying: "Don't you just luuuurve my new bag? Oh you don't know what it is? Can't you, like.. uh... READ?"

It's nauseating.

From where I'm sitting right now, I see a very thin line between being bold and tacky. Bold is attitude, while tacky is what a so-called nouveau riche would be whenever they smile and brag about their bags / clothes / shoes / accessories that bear the logo. Bold is carrying your bag wherever, whenever wearing whatever and still manage to get people whispering: "She has the new Balenciaga!"

Don't know about you, but to me, showing 'class' is never equal with showing 'logos'. As long as you know you're carrying a Tod's, doesn't mean everybody has to. And when you start drooling over logos, just be prepared to rot in fashion hell.

Stop Me. Stop Me Now.

It’s so freaky how I couldn’t seem to stop myself from commenting stuff around me and stuff I see on the magic box called ‘television’. Hm. Maybe that’s why I have not one but TWO blogs, one in English and one in Bahasa Indonesia. Oh well. Seems like nobody have gotten the finger cuffs I once requested, so here I am, typing my thoughts about Ms. Hilton.

I don’t really care about her release the other day, nor do I care about her getting back into jail. I just noticed the fact that the notorious party girl no matter how guilty she is… she never gets out of style. I mean, seriously, look at her!

Paris Hilton

Black ribbon on hair, crisp white shirt, black vest and trousers, grey adorable cropped blazer and a Chanel bag. Oh yeah, don’t forget the signature ‘I’m-too-good-for-anything’ pout. My my. It’s lucky I wasn’t the judge. If I was, I’d just fine her for looking too fine, and probably send some of my subordinates with a search warrant into her closet to raid her handbags (I’d love to have her pink Chanel thingies and Balenciaga Motorcycle bags!). And I’d say the American police made a true mistake in having her arrested NOW, as she should’ve been arrested THEN because of doing THIS:

Diggin’ Deep

I call it: “Abusive behavior to a very nice Pucci-printed bikini”. That’s enough to make a case out of it, no?

Okay okay I’ll stop now before I get bitchier than I already am.

Eyesore Tonight

And when I thought the world is beginning to wake-up and finally smell the moth balls from the seventies… a new trend begins and it’s nowhere near good.

Behold, the cheaply-imitated, confusingly-created and mind-blowingly-disturbing… “VICTORIAN-INSPIRED” top.

Wrong, Milady

TOP, they say. So what do you wear underneath? A pair of skinny jeans? Leggings? Oh my God. I nearly fainted when this image flashed before me on my computer. How do you wear this ruffle-lace-ribbons-floral-fuckfest? Please don’t tell me, let me imagine.

Hang on…

Hold on…

In a minute…


I can’t bring my mind into even TOLERATING this dress-top-whatchamacallit. An insult to the Victorian era, an abuse to lace, a dead wrong interpretation on how florals should be used… and a total waste of beautiful ribbons.

For the love of fashion, good taste, style and everything good… please ladies, bear with me. Should you decide to wear this kind of dress-top-whatchamacallit, you might as well tell your partner to grow a mullet, wear baggy jeans and gold accessories.

Dang, I knew I shouldn’t be online-windowshopping at this kind of hour.